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Here, you will learn more about our history and our dreams. What is this neomonastic community of families all about?

 We share a common rhythm of life and find that doing so has had a profound impact on our individual lives. You will find out more about that here.

We love celebrating – and are always finding reasons to invite others to do so with us. You will find a list of upcoming events here.

The Manor House lies in the middle of Steffisburg. Despite its central location, it is a peaceful spot, undisturbed by traffic and nestled in a garden.

The members of the manor house community come from different language regions; thus, the community is also referred to as “Kloster Alte Gärtnerei” or “Le Vieux Manoir”.


Last year we met at St Stephen’s in Vienna; this fall, for the first time, the European gathering of the 24-7 Prayer movement was hosted by Switzerland and so we all came together in the beautiful city of Geneva. For three days many hundred people from more than 20 nations gathered in the famous city…



In October 2015, 17 members (and companions) of the Manor House Community traveled to Vienna for the international conference oft he 24-7 Prayer Movement. During this event, over 700 people from 40 nations met for a period of three days. In addition to networking, attending plenary sessions and workshops, we also found time to explore…